In the European Union, the idea is that forests and nature should be made more indigenous wild just as before humans began to use forests and nature for the production of wood or food. The way it is done is very different from country to country, Spain has wild horses that lived for many years without problems in the mountains, there is enough space for large flocks of wild horses. In England, rewilding has been turned into a business, where rewilding is managed very differently than in Denmark or the Netherlands. English Rewilding is privately owned and is about 20 years old, about 150 hectares of land. Here, starvation and suffering of animals are not accepted. In Denmark and the Netherlands there is a different approach to Rewilding, here large grasses such as horses, cows, and bison + Moose must live without supervision throughout the year, Law L.229 in Denmark gives the state forests in particular a legal basis for this practice, most politicians perceive Law No. L.229 as an improvement on the Animal Welfare Act, the problem is Section 9 of L.229 puts Section 2 out of effect, In Section 9, the State is allowed to monitor the animals only as a stock, not individually, at the same time it is illegal to feed the poor animals, in England the normal temperature is typically 5-6 degrees warms in winter, therefore the grass also grows in winter, the grass does not usually grow in Denmark, from November to May the grass in Denmark grows very little, in other words, planned starvation and neglect of animals, since only flocks are monitored, animals that fail something, such as a broken leg or which in photos here have GPS gnawed their way through the skin, with wounds and great ailments, they are not found in time. Especially in the Netherlands, conditions are terrible and cruel, also in parts of Denmark are subjected to many large grasses, to force them to eat weeds such as broom and heather and fire cup, plants that are poisonous especially to horses, The poison in Gyvel gives people great abdominal pain, recently a film was shown: how calves screamed with pain after eating broom. Also, fire cups are poisonous, cause impaired liver function and at worst death, poisoning symptoms are seen by the horses wandering restlessly round, and at the same time the horse will lose weight, that is, a cruel death. Some Heather species are poisonous, the most well- known Erica is not poisonous, and is used by humans as a spice, however, contains hardly many feed units for animals. Other heather species such as rosemary creep are poisonous, horses that do not get hoofed get quickly split their hooves, and therefore often inflammation and great pain afterwards. Animals that are not neglected can have parasite attacks, as one also puts up high fences, the animals cannot escape, feeding is illegal + it is bad seen, comparing the conditions to KZ camps from the second world war, but the comparison is surely not completely wrong? Witchpromotion has written both Danish and English protest songs on the subject. Rewilding Hell Vol.1 and Rewilding Hell Vol.2 + 2 Danish Protest songs, Wake Up Mette was 10 weeks at Dansk Top on Tønder radio.